The Bridge is founding
bridge stones to connect the world for co-existence

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  • The Bridge
  • supports projects
  • that meet
  • following criteria:
Locally driven proejcts we support must be sustainable. The Bridge practices sustainability-ensuring repayment policy. When the partners receive whole amount of your impact donation, they pledge to repay more than half of it. Through this, they prove themselves as sustainable.
Community and Environment Preseverance
We support projects that do not violate local cultures and communities, and projects that are eco-friendly so as not to cause environmental load.
We support communal, group-oriented, or cooperative union's businesses. Their impacts are generally larger in scale than individual's business and also accompanies community-wide differences.
Impact Categories
Impact Categories
Bamboo Treadle Pump Solar energy lamp

As the project runs, factors including greenhouse gas, quality of water, soil, ecosystem and others arise from project's services or products. Environment category evcaluates their impacts.

Health Care
Life Straw Malaria Mosquito Net

Some projects create differences in helath category, such as reduced rate of disease and betterment in sanitation. Health category analyzes their impacts.

Sugarcane Charcoal

Somettimes, supported projects make a difference in energy category. Drivers of difference entail sustainable supply chain and improved efficiency in energy production and appropriate technology as a substitute.

Higher Employment Rate

Every project contributes to employment category, as one project hires one person at least - self-employment.

Effective education IT Education

Some projects carry out education programs and bring differences to the community. Education category analyzes those impacts, such as school enrollment rate and effective curriculum.

Human Rights
Gender equity at workplace

At times, supported projects contribute to human right category, which consist of factors such as gender equity in employment and less risks of child exploitation.