[Bridging] Help family of survivors to overcome poverty

EMPL Kigali, Rwanda
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 Help family of Genocide survivors & vulnerable social group

to overcome poverty

Over 20 years have passed since the Rwandan genocide, but the pain remains to this day.

Survivors of the genocide and their neighbors have lost their economic abilities 

and are struggling to return to regular everyday life.

Help them to achieve economic self-reliance through their traditional handicraft business!

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“By making handicraft pieces, I was able to feed and send my two kids to school. Nowadays, the whole family is busy—me making traditional handiworks, and the children attending school. This busy life within my family brings me a lot of joy.”

Dorothy, a Nouvelle Bridge employee

Due to complicated life,  immediately after genocide Dorothy lost her husband. Her and her two children survived, but their lives had been uprooted, along with their hopes. Even twenty years later, survivors like Dorothy are still suffering from the aftereffects of the genocide. Families of widows and orphans, like Dorothy’s, needed jobs to ensure their livelihood but lacked even the most basic employable skills. Because of severely limited opportunities, the possibility of the survivors’ return to normal life was bleak

A project for Rwandan genocide survivors & neighbors 

(widows and orphans): 

Work together to build self-reliance through traditional handicraft production

Project summary

Project goal

Achieving economic self-reliance for widows and orphans in the Nyiaconga area in Rwanda

The social problem at hand

Loss of economic ability for Rwandan genocide survivors & vulnerable social group

Our solution

Train skills for traditional handicraft manufacturing and cultivate production capacity

How donated funds will be utilized

Donated funds are used toward the project’s product quality improvement and marketing

Never Again: the Rwandan genocide and its effects
The lowest death tolls of the genocide estimate 500,000 murdered during the span of 100 days from April 6 to mid-July of 1994; however, most human rights organizations assert around 800,000 to a million. The death toll accounts for around 7 percent of Tutsis at the time—2 percent of the total Rwandan population. Currently, the Rwandan government estimates 1,174,000 murdered in the span of 100 days: this means that 10,000, 400, and 7 Rwandans were murdered per day, hour, and a minute respectively. (Source: Wikipedia)

The situation of the survivors is equally horrific. During the 100 days of genocide, 50,000 women were widowed. Around 250,000 to 500,000 women were raped, and 67 percent of the raped women contracted AIDS. The situation of children is equally critical. 20,000 children were born through rape. Children who lost their fathers, mothers, and both parents account for 11.6 percent, 1.6%, and 3.8% of children in Rwanda respectively. (Source: Strategic plan for orphans and other vulnerable children, Government of Rwanda)

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“Never Again.” The remnants of the victims are enshrined in the Genocide memorial church, located in Karongi-Kibuye in South Rwanda. 

What can the poor survivors do in the devastating conditions

After the genocide, It was almost impossible for orphans and widows to find a job in the city. They didn’t have a chance to receive a proper education and jobs in the city required specialized skills. Furthermore, most of the survivors didn’t posses any land or capital. Therefore, it was more so difficult for them to take part in the Rwandan economy where farming and agricultural processed goods take the largest part.

Besides agriculture, the biggest industry in Rwanda is tourist industry. Where as farming takes a long time until harvest, traditional handicrafts can be sold immediately after production and have a faster cash flow. As Rwanda’s economy steadily grew, the demand for traditional handicrafts have also consistently increased.

Traditional Handicrafts that can be learned quickly and can be turned to profit

Therefore, Nouvelle Bridge has selected traditional handicrafts. It is more immediate and can help establish a faster independence. Nouvelle Bridge was established to heal the survivors & vulnerable social groups' physical and psychological wounds and to support their independence. Nouvelle Bridge has provided for the raw materials and technical skills for the making of the traditional handicrafts and put in place a systematic supporting system to connect these products to the market merchants.

Products of Nouvelle Bridge - Traditional design handicrafts

Products of Nouvelle Bridge - Traditional design handicrafts

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 Vulnerable women are learning to embroider in Nouvelle Bridge

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Various Traditional Handicrafts produced by Nouvelle Bridge

Nouvelle Bridge solve the following social problems

Social Impact




By esbalishing a foundation for economic activity, overcome poverty by oneself

Goal 1. 

No poverty


Train skills so that skilled instructors can be economically self reliant

Goal 4. 

Quality Education

Equal Economic Ability 

Provide opportunities for vulnerable social group (orphans and widows) to create income by making and selling products

Goal 5. 

Gender Equality

* This business is aimed to accomplish the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that are designated by the United Nations. For more information in regards to the SDGs, please refer to the UN Homepage.

Nouvelle Bridge Business Model 

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The Bridge Impact will use the contributed funds as the following 

Nouvelle Bridge would like to partner with more survivors and vulnerable social group. Their participation in economic activity doesn’t simply mean for them to make an income. By actively participating in the economy, they gain confidence and overcome trauma or loneliness. Additionally, they can make a better future and dream for hope.

Through the funds that will be gathered by impact donation, Nouvelle Bridge will use its funds to nurture more beneficiaries that have better and higher technical skills. We are planning on purchasing materials and equipment to produce high quality and diverse kinds of products; training materials and equipment; and marketing activities for sales.




Manufacturing Materials


50 %


Manufacturing Equipment 


26 %

Production of 

Training Materials


3 %


Training Equipment 


9 %


Exhibition Equipment 


6 %

Marketing Activities


6 %



100 %

Nouvelle Bridge

Nouvell Bridge is an organization extablished with the goal to heal the Rwandan widows and orphans and to build self-reliance. Nouvell Bridge is finding ways to help them; and by helping their economic activity, empower them to hope for a better life. Additionally, Queen of Angel, an orphanage, was established and is operated by Nouvelle Bridge to nurture the children of the widows while they are working on their handicrafts.

* Rwanda 

Rwanda has the world’s lowest Purchasing Power Parity. In 2015, Reputlic of Korea ranked 48th with $34,700 where as Nepal was ranked 197th with $1,870. Purchasing Power Parity is an indicator of the ability to purchase a product when assuming that prices and exchange rates are equal across the world.

For reference on each country’s Purchasing Power Parity, please refer to the World Bank Data.

For more information on Rwanda, please refer to the Wikipedia page.

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 The Rwanda's traditional handicraft production project was supported by Komma's Coffe

뉴벨 브릿지는 전통 수공예품 제작판매를 통한 르완다 제노사이드 생존 과부와 고아의 경제 자립을 지원, 그들의 가난과 빈곤을 해결합니다.

Nouvelle Bridge offers Rwandan vulnerable social group (widows and orphans including Genocide survivors): to build self-reliance through traditional handicraft production

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USD 2,984 Funding goal  USD 3,000

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Nadia-Hyangmi Cho 's Impact Birthday Story

올해로 29번째 생일을 맞이합니다.
의미깊은 20대의 마무리인것 같습니다.
한국에서 10년차로 살아가고 있는 저에게는 많은 의미를 가지고 있는 생일이기도 합니다.
30대를 맞이하면서 더욱더 기대되는 2018년이 될것 같습니다.
30대가 되어서 기대되고,
성숙될 나 자신이 기대되고,
제가 좋아하는 영양사로서의 길을 걸을 수 있어서 더욱더 기대가 됩니다.

이번생일은 조금 다르게 보내고자 이렇게 생일 기부 캠페인에 참여하게 되었습니다.

제가 선택한 프로젝트는 '가난을 극복하는 대학살 생존 가정과 함께'라는 프로젝트입니다.
올해봄 캄보디아를 다녀오면서 킬링필드 캄보디아 대학살의 흔적을 보면서 여러가지 많이 느끼고 온 시간이었습니다.
하지만 르완다 제노사이드(대학살)의 아픔은 20여 년이 지난 지금도 여전히 진행 중입니다. 생존자들은 경제력을 상실해서 제노사이드 전의 일상으로 여전히 돌아가지 못하고 있습니다.
생존자들이 전통 수공품을 통해 자립할 수 있도록 동참 해주세요!

1.아래 링크를 통해 기부해주시면 되구요,
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Hello my friends, I would like to open my birthday donation campaign. If you would like to celebrate my birthday, please join my birthday donation campaign. Your support will helpful to them.


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Shine Jung 's Impact Birthday Story

2018년 새해. 그리고 내가 빛을 본날. 1월 11일.
여러분의 생일 선물로 르완다의 과부와 고아에게 새 삶과 희망과 용기를 줄 수 있어요!
새해의 시작을 기분 좋게 나눔과 동행으로 시작해요 ♡
분명! 2018년에는 더 좋은 일들이 많을 거예요

감사하게도 많은 은혜 속에 건강하고 부족함 없이 잘 컸어요. 그래서 2018년, 만 25세가 되는 제 생일에는 감사를 전하고 저와 여러분, 그리고 또 다른 분들의 새 시작을 기원하기위해 캠페인을 시작합니다.

저의 탄생을 기념하고 축복하시는 거 다 알아요!!
말만 말고 생일선물은 고민 없이 임팩트기부!
제 생일 선물은 단순히 돈주고 끝나는 기부가 아니에요.
요즘 HOT한 #임팩트투자
여러분이 선물해주신 기부금으로 르완다 과부와 고아가 전통 수공예품을 만들어 팔아 자립할 수 있어요. 그들은 받은 자본금으로 돈을 벌고 #더브릿지 로 받은 돈을 돌려줘요. 그 돈은 다시 다른 사업에 기부해서 돌고 돌고 도는 기부금! 물고기 하나주고 끝나는 게 아니라, 물고기를 낚을 수 있도록 돕는거예요~
여러분이 저에게 주신 '사랑은 돌고 도는 거야~!!!'
1994년 르완다 대학살을 아시나요? 약 100일동안 50만에서 100만명이 살해당했어요. 이는 투치족의 7%, 르완다 인구의 2%예요. 거의 1분당 7명이 죽은 것과 마찬가지예요 ㅠㅠ . 특히 여성은 트라우마 치료도 힘들었고 교육과 자원 부족으로 자립하기 힘들었어요. 그래서 르완다의 과부와 고아의 자립과 치유를 돕는 '뉴벨브릿지'는 배우기 쉽고 팔기 쉬운 가방과 옷 같은 전통수공예품을 만들기를 교육하고 재료를 제공해요. 이 생일 선물은 더브릿지에서 모으고 뉴벨브릿지를 통해 르완다 여성들을 도울거예요.

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변윤미 's Impact Birthday Story

3월 17일은 제 생일입니다. 축하의 말과 마음 (미리) 감사합니다 :)

생일축하로 <더 브릿지> '생일기부'를 해 주시면,
르완다 내전으로 인해 삶의 희망이 사라지고 위태로운 가정에게
직접적이고 빠른 자립의 기회를 선물할 수 있습니다. (차원이 다른 선물이죠!)

평소 입양에 관심이 많았던 터라 대학생 때 사회복지 실습을 입양기관으로 나갔었습니다.
그 곳에서의 순환업무 중 특별히 많이 담당했던 일은 한부모가정 지원사업.

사회적 시선, 경제 활동의 제약 등 어려운 환경 속에서도 자신에게 찾아 온 생명을 포기하거나 입양 보내지 않고 양육하기로 한 미혼모들이 꽤 많았습니다.

따뜻한 배려와 관심, 사회 제도적 차원에서의 지원과 도움 등은 이들에게 뿐만 아니라 르완다의 과부와 고아들에게도 꼭 필요합니다.
하나님의 시선, 예수님의 마음이 특별히 더 향했던 대상이기도 했지요.
그들이 치유되며 자립할 수 있도록 힘을 모아주세요.

"하나님 아버지 앞에서 정결하고 더러움이 없는 경건은 곧 고아와 과부를 그 환난중에 돌보고 또 자기를 지켜 세속에 물들지 아니하는 그것이니라."
(야고보서 1:27)

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  • Alexandra Chen 07/17
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Alexandra Chen 's Impact Birthday Story

Dear friends,
I want to make this birthday special by giving all my presents to the people in need!
100% of donations will be given to people who experienced Rwadan Genocide in 1994. They never got a chance to get any type of education and skills to be employed and their children have no access to education because of the lack of finances.
But here it is! This program will not just donate money, but educate those people to give a chance of employment and potencial development for their families as well!
Isn't it amazing?
Thank you all for your contribution in advance~

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