[Bridging] Keeping Nepali from After Affects of The Earthquake!

HLTH Sindhupalchowk, Nepal
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Nepal's Worst Quake in 81 Years

Our deepest prayer for a rapid recovery of Nepalese victims

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An earthquake of 7.8 magnitudes has struck 80km West of Kathmandu Nepal on the 25th of April, 2015. As per the report on the 6th of May, this gigantic earthquake took nearly 8,000 lives and wiped 600,000 houses away. The densely populated area has been overwhelmingly devastated due to more than 50 aftershocks and the survivors are in desperate need of water, food and shelters. The collapsing of infrastructure has brought electricity supply and communication to a halt in the affected area giving rise to secondary damages1) such as security and health.

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Secondary Issues: Outbreak of diseases and human trafficking!

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Whilst there is an influx of relief goods supply insufficient power supply remains to be a huge threat. It aggravates crime2) especially human trafficking. There are no coping mechanisms for victims to escape human traffickers who disguise themselves as aid workers. Education to raise awareness is urgently required yet there is no spare time for it. A day is filled with distributing goods and a pitch dark night leaves the people helpless. In addition, the quake has also wiped away the water system and people are exposed to a possible outbreak of diseases since clean water is inaccessible. A supply of clean water may well be a good substitute of medical supply to prevent any viral infection and open wound.

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You can shed a light of hope to the earthquake sufferers by providing them with solar powered lantern and water purifier. 

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The Bridge is dedicated to prevent any further quake damages. The Bridge in partnership with Ecoprise will supply solar lanterns to 3,000 households in Sindhupalchowk area. Solar powered lanterns can supply lights to help the community to feel safe at nights. The lantern is equipped with cell phone charging function which can help the village people to connect with the outside help and fuel up the rehabilitation process. Solar energy-based water purifier that can purify up to 20L per day will also be supplied to prevent the villagers from any possible outbreak of disease.

You can join in solidarity with the victims of earthquake by contributing to purchase the solar products. It is going to be one of very practical and real hands for people to get back to their own feet.

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Ecoprise and its Local Partners

Ecoprise is a for-profit social enterprise committed to design and providing green energy products and services to the poorest of the poor, to the groups of people that are neglected and underserved in Nepal. Ecoprise is currently distributing solar lantern and solar water purifier with the following local partners.

365 Innovations, has been actively involved in establishing a system for entrepreneurship, employment and empowerment of the local community. BOPEEI (Bottom of Pyramid Energy and Environmental Innovations) is a producer of solar lanterns. SOLVATTEN is a manufacturer of solar empowered water purifier.

Please help the earthquake victims who are left with nothing. 

Bestow your love and care in a practical way.

The Bridge funding will allow them for a speedy self-resilience.

* Your donation for this project will be a once-off contribution towards supplying of lantern and water purifier.

81년 만의 대지진, 태양광랜턴과 정수기 보급으로 네팔 이재민들을 전염병과 인신매매의 위험으로부터 보호합니다.

We provide solar lanterns and solar powered water purifiers to shed a light of hope to the earthquake suffers.

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