[Bridging] Vegetable wholesaler, Anania working together with local farmers

EMPL Bongabon, Philippines
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*Impact Donation Model collaboration with Social Microfinancing Institute

Support the self-reliance of social entrepreneurs in developing countries, ‘The Bridge’ collaborates with NGOs and microfinance institutes for recruiting social enterprises in need. Impact donation is designed to reduce the entrepreneur's burden on repayment provided that they are fully engaged and responsible for the business management. However, with the collaboration model, we respect the local policy of MFIs business model and in the case of Joyful Development(JDI) project, the repayment will be 70% with the reduction of JDI's handling fee.

지역농부들의 지속가능한 농작물 재배를 돕는 씨앗비용 지원으로 농부들의 수입증대와 안정을 돕습니다.

A loan to Anania will help local farmers sell their produce to a larger market and create a stable income for local farmers and employees.

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USD 1,177 Funding goal  USD 1,250

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