Secret 1
The 100% model
100% delivery of impact donation
The Bridge Local Entrepreneurs

{ Whole delivery of raised fund and opened transparent funds operation }

Whole amount of donation raised on The Bridge's platform
reaches the local entrepreneur without commission in the middle.
There is open reporting on the use of crowd-funded donation.
Check the project status of funds operation projects you impact donated at anytime.

Secret 2
Analysis Report
Supporting self-reliance and analysis/report on generated impact
Impact Donors The Bridge Local Entrepreneurs

Sharing Report

Select and
support sustainable

{ Support people in the less developed countries and analyze/report the generated impacts }

Among local businesses, we select the the projects that are locally driven,
eco-friendly and culturally embed-able.
Also, we provide impact sharing report for credible analysis
on social impacts generated by the projects.
Impact donors can see how much impacts they have created from the impact donation.

Secret 3
Win-Win Growth
Pursuing value of coexistence and mutuality
Impact Donors The Bridge Local Entrepreneurs

{ Putting value of coexistence and mutuality into action as a global citizen }

Instead of one-way donation, we pursue both-way communicative donation.
Impact donation is based on the promising potential of the people in the less developed countries. Experience true value of coexistence and togetherness as a global citizen and get inspired for the better world.